Lawn to Garden Rebate Information

Program Overview

Contra Costa Water District (CCWD) offers rebates to customers for replacing the lawn in their front yard with water-wise landscaping.

Rebate Amount

  • The rebate is $1 per square foot of lawn replaced up to the maximum amount. 
  • The maximum rebate for single-family residential sites is $1,000; The maximum rebate for commercial, multi-family, and municipal accounts is $20,000 per site.

Program Eligibility and Requirements*


  • The program is available to residential, commercial, and municipal customers who receive water for their landscape through a metered service in the CCWD retail and wholesale service area.  
  • Program is NOT retroactive. Projects underway or completed prior to applying and receiving a CCWD approval are not eligible.
  • Lawn must be in front yard or publicly accessible area visible to the public.
  • Are you part of a Homeowner’s Association? Check out Legal Right to Have Water-Wise Landscaping (PDF) for more info.

Completed Project Requirements

  • Projects must use enough plants so that at least 50% of the converted area is covered once fully grown. 
  • Plants must be low water needing and appropriate for our climate, see our Approved Plant List (PDF).
  • Planted areas must be covered with mulch.
  • If there is a current sprinkler system in place, it must be removed or replaced with a drip system.
  • New landscape may include pathways and other hardscape. Concrete and other non-permeable surfaces cannot make up more than 20% of the total area to be rebated. The landscape must still meet the 50% plant cover requirement.
  • Generally, CCWD provides six (6) months to complete a project, but extensions may be allowed if funding is available.

*Additional restrictions apply. See Terms and Conditions (PDF) and  Frequently Asked Questions for full details.

How to Apply

  1. Confirm your site is eligible and you understand the requirements by reading the Program Terms and Conditions and Frequently Asked Questions above.
  2. Fill out the Lawn to Garden Rebate Application.  
  3. Wait to receive a Notice to Proceed letter from CCWD. We may reach out to conduct an on-site pre-project inspection before approving the project. Please wait for approval of your participation in the program before starting your project.
  4. AFTER your application is approved, get started with these resources:
  5. Submit your completed project for review. 
    • After your project has been reviewed and approved, CCWD will mail a rebate check. Thank you for joining the many customers who have decided to Lose a Lawn and Get a Garden!

Questions? Call 925-688-8230 or email us.