The Contra Costa Water District provides a variety of rebates, free devices, services, resources and other information to help customers improve their water use efficiency.

Lawn to Garden Rebate
Did you know that lawns are one of the largest water users at a typical home? CCWD is offering rebates of up to $1,000 to replace your water thirsty front lawn with a waterwise landscape.

Smart Irrigation Controller Rebate
Smart Irrigation Controllers adjust the watering schedule automatically based on changes in the weather.  This can save lots of water and keep your landscape looking beautiful. CCWD is offering rebates toward the purchase of qualifying smart irrigation controllers.

Laundry to Landscape Greywater Rebate
Been thinking about a greywater system? CCWD is offering rebates of $50 toward the purchase of qualifying equipment and installation of a laundry to landscape greywater system.

Pool Cover Rebate
Pool covers can reduce water loss by up to 95% from evaporation and save energy. CCWD is offering rebates of $50 toward the purchase of a qualifying pool cover.

Coupons and Free Devices

Landscape Mulch Coupons
Use our coupons to save money when you purchase mulch from local businesses.

Car Wash Coupons
Use our coupons to save money when you visit a local car wash that recycles its water, making every wash more efficient.

Free Water Conservation Devices
CCWD has a number of free devices to help you save water.

Conservation Services

Home Water Use Survey
Sign up for a Free Home Water Use Survey and learn how much water you are using, where you are using it, and most importantly how to use water more efficiently. We'll even show you how to set your irrigation controller.

My Water Report Customer Portal
For the first time, CCWD customers can access their own water use via an on-line portal and view multiple years of water use history, comparisons to similar households, and customized water conservation tips.

Other Conservation Resources and Information

Rainwater Harvesting & Rain Gardens
The website provides information on rainwater harvesting and rain gardens. There is information how to install systems, where to purchase equipment, cost, maintenance and numerous links to other rainwater sites.

Water Conservation Tips
CCWD has dozens of water conservation tips. Here you will find some very specific and helpful tips to help you manage your water use in your home and in your landscape.

Gardening in Contra Costa County Website
CCWD has an interactive website that provides thousands of photos of waterwise plants and gardens.  It even includes a searchable plant database, virtual garden tours, and much more.

Facebook Group: Maintaining Your Waterwise Landscape
The Maintaining Your Waterwise Landscape Facebook Group is a forum for local residents to get and give advice on maintaining waterwise landscapes. This group includes hundreds of local gardeners sharing their experience. Just open your Facebook account and look up the Maintaining Your Waterwise Landscape group.

How to Read Your Water Meter
You can’t manage what you don’t measure.  Learn how to read your water meter so you can know how much you use, check for leaks and more.

WaterSaver E-Newsletter
Check out our monthly newsletter that features CCWD programs and events, as well as water supply updates and other local water news.

Workshops and Events
CCWD supports a number of local water conservation workshops and other events.  Visit our Calendar of Events for a listing.

Contact CCWD Conservation
If you can’t find what you are looking for on our website please contact us at or by calling (925) 688-8320.