Shortcut Pipeline Improvement Project

About the Shortcut Pipeline

The Shortcut Pipeline conveys untreated water from the Contra Costa Canal to the Martinez Reservoir and is the main source of water supply for the City of Martinez and other industrial customers. This water supply pipeline was built in 1972 and is approximately five miles long. Prior to construction of this pipeline, deliveries to Martinez Reservoir followed the portion of the Contra Costa Canal known as the Loop Canal as it proceeded south from Clyde, then looped through the cities of Concord, Walnut Creek, Pleasant Hill and Martinez to the Martinez Reservoir. The Shortcut Pipeline is a more efficient and reliable means of conveying water to the Martinez Reservoir.

About the Project

CCWD has identified critical repairs and improvements needed to maintain good operational condition of the Shortcut Pipeline. The Shortcut Pipeline Improvement Project Phase 3 will install two new pipelines where the existing pipeline is most vulnerable to service interruption. Previous project phases improved access, replaced aging appurtenances, and assessed the pipeline condition.
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The Shortcut Pipeline Improvement Project Phase 3 was evaluated in the original 2011 Mitigated Negative Declaration, however, CCWD prepared a supplement to evaluate the pipeline repair plan that differs from the approach assumed previously. CCWD staff finds that the proposed Project, after mitigation, will not have a significant effect on the environment. 

CEQA Documents for the Shortcut Pipeline Improvement Project Phase 3 (SCPL)

Project Approval Timeline

March 11, 2022Draft Mitigated Negative Declaration Supplement available for review
April 11, 2022Final day to submit public comment on the Draft Mitigated Negative Declaration Supplement
May 18, 2022CCWD Board adopted the Final Mitigated Negative Declaration
November 2023Receive Permits and Complete National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA)
November 2023Complete Design
March 2024Award Construction Contract
May 2024Begin Construction of Phase 3 Improvements

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Project Contact

Email Mark Seedall
Principal Planner
Contra Costa Water District
P.O. Box H2O
Concord, CA 94524