Dam Safety Program

About CCWD's Dam Safety Program

CCWD’s Dam Safety Program (Program) ensures that our dams and levees operate safely in accordance with all State and Federal regulations. There are several regulatory agencies that we work with in overseeing our facilities to maintain compliance. The Los Vaqueros and Mallard Dams are under the jurisdiction of the State of California Division of Safety of Dams (DSOD), the Martinez and Contra Loma Dams are under the jurisdiction of United States Bureau of Reclamation (USBR), and the Old River Pump Station Setback Levee and Middle River Pump Station Levee are under the jurisdictions of Reclamation District (RD)-800 and RD-2040, respectively. We follow all requirements for monitoring, reporting, maintenance, equipment testing, and emergency preparedness. Below is a map showing the location of each of our dams and levees.

Dam and Levee Facilities Location Map


Emergency Response Preparedness

One of the most important aspects of our Program is planning for potential emergencies. Our planning includes testing dam monitoring equipment, regularly exercising emergency equipment, and reviewing our plans every year. Each dam has a unique plan that provides dam condition assessment information and an outline of coordinated response procedures in the unlikely event of a dam emergency. Annual dam inspections by DSOD and USBR have confirmed that the dams are well maintained and safe for continued use.

Flood Inundation Maps

Inundation maps show the flooding that could result from a sudden hypothetical failure of a dam or its related structures, such as a dam spillway. The maps when paired with each dam’s emergency action plan inform emergency planning and response. Additional information on inundation maps, including maps for DSOD-regulated dams is available on the DSOD website: https://water.ca.gov/Programs/All-Programs/Division-of-Safety-of-Dams/Inundation-Maps

Be Prepared for an Emergency

Local community warning systems are in place to notify residents of emergencies, such as a potential dam failure or flooding. Sign up to receive notifications through your local community warning system for Contra Costa and San Joaquin County via the links below.

Contra Costa County: https://cwsalerts.com/registration/

San Joaquin County: http://www.sjready.org/