2019 Rate Updates for Untreated Water Customers

Rate Structure Changes and 2019 Rate Increases

To continue to fulfill our promises to you, we must continually ensure every mile of pipe and every treatment facility is in top working order and able to deliver vital and reliable services. That requires investing in maintenance, operations, skilled staff, and facility upgrades. To ensure the District can continue to make these necessary improvements, it is important to examine our water rates annually. This year, the District conducted the annual rate review (PDF) along with an independent, comprehensive analysis of its treated and untreated water service to evaluate rate structure changes. Doing both at once is the most cost-effective and transparent approach.

How do the changes impact my water bill? 

Select your customer class below to see information that walks through both the rate structure changes and the rate adjustment separately, and then brings them together to show you the cumulative changes.

Unmetered Landscape Irrigation Customers

Municipal, Industrial, and Landscape Irrigation Customers

Agricultural Irrigation Customers

What You Need to Know…

  • Changes to our rate structure as well as a rate adjustment for 2019 were approved on January 2, 2019.
  • In response to customer feedback, this is the first year of a three-year phase-in of rate adjustments.
  • Our reliable water service will still be less than a penny per gallon.
  • We remain committed to investing in your water system to ensure our customers continue to receive safe, high-quality water.
  • We strive to provide exceptional service at affordable rates.

Here to Help

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