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As the water providers to more than 500,000 people, we take great effort and great pride in delivering a product that in 2017 exceeded all drinking water standards set by the state and federal governments.2017 Annual Water Quality Report

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We are pleased to present the 2017 Annual Water Quality Report that shows the high quality of your drinking water. While this report highlights the quality and reliability of your tap water, it also presents a wonderful opportunity to learn about the source of your drinking water and the immense infrastructure required to deliver it to your home or business.

This report includes water quality data collected throughout 2017 and answers questions you might have about your tap water. You can be confident your tap water is of a high quality. Frequent testing for water quality and regular improvements in the treatment process keeps your drinking water among the best in the country. We hope you find this report useful in illustrating the high-quality of your water service.