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Composite Photo of Dam Trials
From top to bottom: Frank Ravizza at the start of the time trials at Walnut Staging Area; to the left is 11 and under winner Ethan Van Hook near the finish line on top of the dam, to the right is David Perez at the start; Trish Pacheco speeds to the finish on her way to winning her second Dam Trials crown; to the left Sandy Yetter at the start on her way to finishing second overall and winning her age group, to the left is Jeff Bilodeau who finished fourth overall; Eric Neighbor races to the finish line: lots of happy riders from the Cushman Wakefield tem.

Held under threatening skies, puntuated by a nasty headwind, both the men's and women's records were shattered at the 2014 Los Vaqueros Dam Trials.

In the men's division, three riders broke last year's record of 11:06, with Frank Ravizza of Brentwood winning with a time of 10:42, a time that smashed the 3.5 mile record of 11:06 and a speed of 19.7 miles per hour. Ben Mooney was 10 seconds off at 10:52 and last year's champion Ben Cannon broke his old record by six second and finished third overall.

Trish Pacheco of Walnut Creek defended her title from last year, with a time of 12:48, also a new course record. She was 16 seconds faster than last year.

In all, 53 riders entered the fifth running of the Dam Trials.

Here are the complete results.

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Dam Trials

In the photos above clockwise from the top of the 2013 event: Riders line up for the start of the race; Overall winner Ben Cannon accepts his award; Rider Ron Perry of Oakley accelerates down Walnut Blvd. shortly after the start; 10-year-old Ethan Van Hook of Brentwood starts his race; Trish Pacheco accepts her award. Jessica Morre shot these photos. Here are some photos on Flicker


We Now Have Pictures.....

2010 Results

Age Groups

Dam Trials Winner Jeff Mapes

Windy and cold weather dominated the third Los Vaqueros Dam Trials on Saturday, April 10, 2010, keeping times high.

Winds up to 35 mph roared right into the face of the riders and temperatures were below 50 degrees for most of day on the three-mile sprint to the top of the dam.

Jeff Mapes of Brentwood, topped men's the field with a 10:56.3, nearly 33 seconds ahead of second finishing Jeff Bilodeau, also of Brentwood.

In the Women's Division, defending champion Lindsey Moffett of Antioch made it two Dam Trials in a row and finished at 13:20.8, nearly three minutes slower than last year. She said the unrelenting wind cost her three to four minutes.

Jeff Samson of Discovery Bay, who won the inaugural Dam Trials in 2008, was seen to be pushed back and forth across Walnut Blvd as he battled the wind on his start. He finished fourth in his age group with a time of 13:28.4.

In all, 45 riders competed in the largest Dam Trials to date.

So Steve Ransom's course record of 9:12.9 -- set in 2009 -- still stands.

Jeff Sansom won the Los Vaqueros Dam Trials

Steve Ransom, winning the 2009 LV Dam Trials
Jeff Samson of Brentwood charges
away from the start line to win the first Los Vaqueros Dam Trials in 2008 with a time of 10:08.
San Francisco's Steve Ransom won the 2009 LV Dam Trials with a 9:12.9, almost 20 mph.

Dave Stoeffler was the oldest rider, at 72 years of age and finished sixth overall.

72-year-old Dave Stoeffler nears the finish line in the 2008 trails. He was the oldest rider in the field and finished sixth overall with a time of 11:38. He returned in 2009 and finished with an 11:56. In 2010, Dave won his age group again.


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