1. Fire Danger at Los Vaqueros is at 'Very High'

    July 16, 2018 The fire danger is very high at Los Vaqueros today, as temperatures are expected to reach 92 degrees. The Watershed is open for public recreation, but smoking outside of enclosed vehicles and barbecues are prohibited.
  2. All Trails Open Again at Los Vaqueros!

    Several hiking trails have been closed since March to protect nesting Golden Eagles at the Los Vaqueros Watershed. The trails are now open again, and we have at least six fledged Golden Eagle chicks. Additional Info...
  3. Don't Ditch a Fish!

    Help us protect our fisheries, native species, and fragile ecosystems. Transporting and releasing live fish—or any aquarium species—into the reservoir, ponds and creeks is illegal and harmful. Report violations to the Watershed Office at 925-240-2360. Read on...
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