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The Contra Costa Water District (CCWD) currently offers a High Efficiency Toilet Rebate of up to $125 per toilet (cost of tank and bowl only) for the purchase and installation of any US EPA WaterSense labeled High Efficiency Toilet (HET).

To participate in the CCWD HET Rebate Program, customers must meet the Eligibility Requirements (listed below).  Please call (925) 688-8320 (M-F from 8-5) and provide the name, address, and city and if available water account number of the qualifying site or use the online link and complete the same information and submit.  After eligibility is determined, participation in the program will be provided.

CCWD HET Rebate Applications are NCR Forms and not available electronically, and can be either mailed or picked up at District Center at 1331 Concord Avenue Concord CA 94520 M-F 8-5.

HET Rebate of up to $125 per qualified HET to be received in one of two ways, either through a rebate check (Mail In Rebate Application) or instantly (HET Voucher), at the point of purchase at only select participating plumbing supply stores.  Participants to request either application to receive their rebate:

  1. HET Mail-In Rebate Application to be completed and returned to CCWD after purchasing and installing qualified HET(s).  Upon receipt and approval of HET Mail In application, a rebate check will be mailed in approximately 4-6 weeks.


  1. HET Voucher (Coupon) to be redeemed for up to $125 per HET at time of purchase at any participating plumbing supply store (no big box stores).  Rebate is provided instantly at the time of purchase off the cost of HET by the plumbing supply store.  See participating vendor list below.

Details of both the HET Mail-In and HET Voucher applications are listed in the How to Participate listed below.  Both applications provide a rebate of up to $125 for the purchase and installation of a qualified US EPA WaterSense labeled HET(s), have 30 day Expiration Dates, require post HET installation verification, and are not retroactive to previously purchased products (60 days).



Eligibility Requirements:

  • Toilet to be replace must use three to five gallons and have been produced by 1993 or older.
  • Customers must not have participated in previous toilet replacement programs for the toilet they are replacing.
  • New toilets purchased must have a WaterSense label and use 1.28 gallons or less.
  • Toilets must be installed in the Contra Costa Water District service area, which includes: Antioch, Bay Point, Clayton, Clyde, Concord, Oakley, Pittsburg, Port Costa, and parts of Walnut Creek, Pleasant Hill, Martinez, and Brentwood.

Both Instant Rebate and Mail-in applications cannot be downloaded from the website.

How to Participate:

Customers have two ways to participate in the HET Rebate Program, either through an Instant Rebate Voucher or a Mail-In Rebate.  Below are descriptions of the two ways customers can receive the rebate:

Instant Rebate Voucher

The Instant Rebate Voucher (Voucher) provides the HET rebate instantly at the point of purchase by redeeming the Voucher (like a coupon) for up to $125 off the purchase price of the WaterSense labeled HET.  The voucher can only be redeemed (used) at specific participating plumbing vendors.

Instant Rebate Voucher Steps:

  • Call CCWD at 688-8320 to pre-qualify or complete the online request .
  • Take the voucher to a participating vendor to redeem it (like a coupon) for up to $125 off the purchase price of a new WaterSense labeled HET.
  • Voucher must be redeemed (used) before the Expiration Date shown on the front of the Voucher.  Late Vouchers will not be accepted.
  • HET(s) must be installed within thirty (30) days after purchase.
  • Customer agrees to allow the District to inspect the HET installation(s).
  • Existing toilets to be replaced must be older models (pre-1994) and use 3.5 gallons or more.


Mail-In Rebate

mail in check

The Mail-In Rebate provides a rebate of up to $125 off the material cost of a new WaterSense labeled toilet purchased from any plumbing supply store. 

Mail-In Rebate Steps:

  • Call CCWD at 688-8320 to pre-qualify or complete the online request .
  • Purchase any new WaterSense labeled HET.
  • Install the HET(s).
  • After purchasing and installing the HET(s), complete the Application, and return it along with the original sales receipts, to CCWD by the Expiration Date shown on the front of the application.  Applications returned after the Expiration Date will not be accepted.
  • CCWD will schedule a post-installation inspection upon receipt of the application
  • A rebate check for up to $125 will be mailed within six to eight weeks after the completion of the HET post-installation inspection

What are High-Efficiency Toilets?

High-Efficiency Toilets (HETs) use at least 20 percent less water than standard 1.6 gallon per flush (gpf) Ultra-Low Flow Toilets. In other words, HETs use 1.28 gpf or less on average.

Basic types of HETs:

  • Gravity flush Toilets – use the weight of water to create a siphon action that pulls water and waste from the bowl.
  • Pressure-Assist Toilets – have a sealed vessel inside the tank and use air pressure to force a flush.
  • Dual Flush Toilets – allow you to select the amount of water that is used to flush the toilet, either a half-flush for liquids or a full flush for solids.

HET Performance

Below are resources for HET performance to help customers with their selection of WaterSense labeled HETs, for participation in the CCWD HET Rebate Program.

Please contact the CCWD Water Conservation Office at (925) 688-8320 or send us an e-mail.

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