Establishing New Water Service

For water service(s) to a new building, commercial site, new home(s), or to change the size of your water meter, start by contacting CCWD Engineering at (925) 688-8014.

Use the links below for applications and additional information on:

  • Conceptual cost estimates
  • Single residential services
  • Commercial/multi-family services

CCWD Engineering 

  1. Engineering & Construction

    2411 Bisso Lane
    Concord, CA 94520

    Engineering Services:
    (925) 688-8014
    CCWD Main:
    (925) 688-8000

    Hours: Mon-Fri
    7:30 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Existing Service
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Existing Residential

Use the information in this section to apply for a new single residential service, request a change in size for an existing residential meter, or apply for service for an Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU, In-Law Unit, Secondary Unit).

Existing Commercial Domestic
Existing Conceptual

Use the information in this section to apply for a new domestic, irrigation, hydrants and fire services associated with commercial and residential developments. 

  • Application (WORD)
  • Information to provide with application (WORD)
  • District Agreements
    • Service Agreement is used for projects that the District installs. These are typically smaller project such as fire services, main extensions less than 100 feet or projects that involve taking service off existing mains. 
    • Water Main Extension Agreement (WMEA) is used for projects that the developer installs. These are typically larger commercial or residential development that involve installing additional mainline piping and multiple services.
    • Standard Easement Agreement (WORD) Easements are required any time the District installs facilities outside the public right of way. The easements must be granted using the standard easement agreement and submitted with a plat and legal description prepared by a licensed professional surveyor. 

Helpful Information

The conceptual review will identify any potential issues with providing water service as well as a conceptual level cost estimate for the project.  

Exisiting - Request Maps

How Do I Request District Facility Maps?

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