CCWD Initiates Water Rate Structure Study

The Contra Costa Water District is currently evaluating its rate structure.  This Water Rate Structure Study is a technical analysis, conducted by an outside contractor, to recommend changes to the existing rate structure as appropriate.  The guiding principles for this Study are as follows: 

·        Ensure financial sufficiency and stability

·        Provide affordable water for essential use

·        Allocate costs equitably

·        Encourage efficient water use

·        Enhance customer understanding of the rate structure

Customers will have opportunities to view updated information as the Study progresses by attending CCWD's Board of Director meetings and/or referencing this page. To date, the Board has received five updates and materials from those updates are linked below and has extended its schedule to develop a rate proposal in 2019.

·        February 1, 2017:  Kick-off of Water Rate Structure Study

o   Board docket
o   Presentation to Board

·        April 19, 2017:    Water Rate Structure Study Update

o   Board docket (and attached staff report)
o   Presentation to Board (given by CCWD staff)

  August 2, 2017: Water Rate Structure Study Update

September 6, 2017: Update on Rate Structure Analysis
September 20, 2017: Amendment to Consultant Agreement for Water Rate Structure Analysis
October 18, 2017
March 2018
  • Board review of updated rate structure, with comparison to the rates adopted in January 2018
June 6, 2018
  • Board review of updated alternative rate structure
July 11, 2018
  • Board Review/adoption of revised rate structure
October 2018
  • 2019 rate setting process begins, using alternative rate structure
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