Cleaning of Contra Costa Canal Underway, Will Continue Until Mid-May

Portions of Delta DeAnza Trail Will be Closed

4/17 The Contra Costa Water District's cleaning of the Contra Costa Canal from Antioch to Clyde is underway and will continue until about mid-May.  The canal is being cleaned with a floating sled that collects debris that is then removed with a large crane (watch a video on this process). 

This work improves the reliability and quality of water delivery in the canal. Crews start in Antioch near Hillcrest Avenue, and then work their way west along the canal toward Clyde. Because of the amount of heavy equipment required for this job, portions of the Delta DeAnza Trail will be closed in the areas where employees are working.

Most of the work will take place on weekdays, between the hours of 7 a.m. and 4 p.m.