What to do when you lose water service

Remember, you will only have one flush from each toilet while you are out of water service, so flush wisely.

If you have time before you lose water service, fill a bathtub or wash tub with water. Use a bucket to fill the tank of your toilet and then flush.

While CCWD will make every effort to provide bottled water, you do have other sources of water in your home.  

  • ice in your freezer
  • your conventional water heater 
  • pipes in your home 
To use the water in your home's pipes, let air into the plumbing by turning on the faucet in your house at the highest level. A small amount of water will trickle out. Then obtain water from the lowest faucet in the house until the stored supply is depleted.

To use the water in your hot-water tank, be sure the electricity or gas is off, and open the drain at the bottom of the tank. Start the water flowing by turning off the water intake valve and turning on a hot-water faucet. Do not turn on the gas water heater or electricity when the tank is empty. Have a professional relight your gas water heater once service is restored.

Don't leave a faucet open, so you'll know when water service is restored. If you are out of the home, or are asleep, you may not hear the water running.  If there is some kind of blockage in your drains, you could cause a lot of water damage to your home.  

Should you need to drink water that is not treated, FEMA has some tips on how to treat water.

Updates on Morgan Territory Road:

No Interruption In Service While CCWD Crews Remove Blue Hose 

5/2 On Wednesday, May 3, between 9 a.m. and 2 p.m., Contra Costa Water District crews will be working in the slide area to remove the blue hose that currently traverses Morgan Territory Road.  Please note:

  • This work will not impact your water service as water is now being delivered through a hose located outside of the slide area.
  • CCWD will have crews and equipment in the area, which could result in minor traffic delays between 9am and 2pm – CCWD and Contra Costa County are making all efforts to minimize those impacts, but please allow yourself additional travel time during this brief period.
  • This work is necessary to facilitate future road repair work by the County. 

We thank you for your continued patience and apologize for any inconvenience. If you have questions about this work, please contact CCWD at 925-688-8000.

Contra Costa County Updates on Morgan Territory Road 

Contra Costa County is regularly updating its website with the latest information on Morgan Territory Road issues. 

Keep an Emergency Supply of Water On Hand

Morgan Territory water customers will continue to be serviced by a temporary line for several months as Contra Costa County works to stabilize the landslide area. Because this water line is temporary, there could be further interruptions to your service should more damage occur within the landslide area. We advise you to continue to keep a supply of water on hand in your home. Also, take extra steps to ensure you have an extra water supply for any livestock on your property as any bottled water or emergency supply CCWD deploys to the area is primarily for human consumption and sanitation. Please help CCWD protect the temporary water line by keeping hands, feet, wheels or anything from coming into contact with the large hose. Damage could impact service to the entire neighborhood!  

When water service returns, this is what you need to do. 

  • Once cleared, run all of your water faucets for 3-5 minutes to flush your service connection and interior plumbing with water from the service main.
  • Empty and clean your automatic ice makers and water chillers.
  •  Drain and refill your hot water heater.
  • You may notice higher than normal chlorine concentrations in the water. This is normal following a repair such as this as we take steps to ensure the water is safe.
  • If you have a booster pump, you should leave it off until 24 hours after water service is restored to prevent air entrainment within your water system as our crews perform water quality flushing. 
  • When you turn on your water faucet, there may be air in the pipes, causing the water to "hiccup."   Let the water run, until the water flows as normal.   You may notice the "hiccup" in all of your faucets, so check them all.
  • It's possible the water will be muddy in color. This is caused by the water pipes being disturbed by losing pressure or construction. Again, just let the water run until the water flows again. Once the water is clear, it is safe to drink. Check all your faucets.