Los Vaqueros Reservoir Expansion DOcuments 

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   Los Vaqueros Expansion Funding Application
   August 2017  
  Draft Supplement to the Final EIS/EIR (Two Volumes)
   Date   Title/Description
   June 2017 CCWD Notice of Availability
 Vol. 1. Chapter 1  Table of Contents, Acronyms & Abbreviations, Introduction and Summary
     Vol. 1. Chapters 2-3 Project Description; Project Benefits  
     Vol. 1. Chapter 4  Affected Environment, Environmental Consequences, and Mitigation
    Vol. 1 Chapters 5-10 Climate Change; Summary of Impacts; Environmental Review and Agency Consultation/Coordination; References Cited; List of Supplement Preparers; Glossary.
    Vol. 2. Appendix A  EBMUD Component of Los Vaqueros Reservoir Expansion Project
    Vol. 2. Appendix A-1, Part 1
    Vol..2. Appendix A-1, Part 2
    Vol. 2. Appendix A-2 - Appendix E California WaterFix Sensitivity Study; Sensitivity Study re Partner Benefits with Water Transfers; NEPA Context and Intensity Statements; Draft Mitigation Monitoring and Reporting Program.
    Notice of Availability of the Los Vaqueros Reservoir Expansion Project Draft Supplement to the Final EIS/EIR
   Final EIS/EIR
   Date   Title/Description
   April 2015  Final Habitat Management Plan
  February 2011  Bureau of Reclamation Record of Decision 
March 2010 Chapter 1-2 - Cover, Table of Contents, Introduction and Project Description Update

Chapter 3-4 Master Responses + Indivicual Responses to Comments

Chapter 5 - Revisions to Draft EIS/EIR

Chapter 6,1 and 6.2  - Comments Received

Chapter 6 3 Comments Received

Chapter 6.4  Comments Received 

Chapter 6.5 Individuals

Chapter 7- References

Appendix A & B

Appendix C_Part 1 - Appendix C1 - C4

Appendix C_Part 2 - Appendix C5

 Appendix C Part 3- Appendix C6 - C8

Appendix D
   Draft EIS/EIR
   Date  Title/Description 
  February 2009 Cover Page
    Mission Statement
    Title Page 
    0.0 toc
    1.0 Purpose and Need
    2.0 Background
    3.0. Project Description
    4.1 Approach
    4.2 Delta Hydrology and Water Quality
    4.3 Delta Fisheries -Aquatic Resources
    4.4 Geology
    4.5 Local Hydrology
    4.6 Biological Resources
    4.7 Land Use
    4.8 Agricultural
    4.9 Transportation
    4.10 Air Quality
    4.11 Noise
    4.12 Utilities
    4.13 Hazmat-Public Health
    4.14 Visual Aesthetics
    4.15 Recreation
    4.16 Cultural Resources
    4.17 Socioeconomics 
    4.18 Environmental Justice
    4.19 Indian Trust Assets
    4.20 Growth Inducing Effects
    5.0 Climate Change
    6.0 Summary of Impacts
    7.0 Environmental Review
    8.0 References
    9.0 List of EIS-EIR Preparers
    10.0 Glossary
    Appendix A1 - LV Scoping Report
    Appendix A2 - LV NOC
    Appendix A3 - USBR NOA
    Appendix B - Alts Development
    Appendix C0 - Front Material 
    Appendix C1- Introduction
    Appendix C2 - Model Description 
    Appendix C3 - Model Assumptions
    Appendix C4 - Model Results- Water Supply and M
    Appendix C5 - Model Results- Water Quality and
    Appendix C6 - Statistical Water Quality Impact Analysis
    Appendix C7 - Fishery Analysis
    Appendix C8 - References 
    Appendix D - Plant Communities
    Appendix E - Alameda-Contra Costa Co Policies
    Appendix G - Cultural Resources Technical Report 
    Appendix H - Traffic, Air Quality Analysis 
    Appendix I - Projects Considered for Cumulative Analysis
   EIS/EIR Public Meeting
Date Title/Description
January 2006 Contra Costa Water District - NOP - Published January 10, 2006. Contra Costa Water District - Notice of Preparation (NOP) to prepare an Environmental Impact Report (EIR)
December 2005 Bureau of Reclamation - NOI - Published December 20, 2005. Bureau of Reclamation - Notice of Intent (NOI) to prepare an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS)
   Los Vaqueros MOU
Date Title/Description
  December 2015  MOU for Completion of Phase 2 of the Los Vaqueros Reservoir Expansion between Bureau of Reclamation and CCWD
  February 2015  Sixth Amendment To Extend LV Expansion MOU
December 2004 Los Vaqueros MOU Extension (through 2007) - Extension of the Memorandum of Understanding among Bay Area Water Agencies and state and federal agencies (extended until December 2007)
February 2004 Los Vaqueros MOU Extension - Extension of the Memorandum of Understanding among Bay Area Water Agencies and state and federal agencies (extended until December 2004)
February 2004 Los Vaqueros MOU with Contra Costa County - Contra Costa County signed on as part of the Los Vaqueros Memorandum of Understanding
April 2001 Los Vaqueros MOU - Memorandum of Understanding among local water agencies and state and federal agencies regarding implementation of the CALFED Los Vaqueros Reservoir Expansion Studies
  August 2000  Calfed Programmatic Record of Decision
   CCWD Board Resolutions
  June 2003 Los Vaqueros Election Ballot Language 
  June 2003 Adopting Conditions For District Participation and Support For Expansion of Los Vaqueros Reservoir 
  April 2004  Los Vaqueros Election Results

Background Documents
Date Title/Description
25- Feb -2011 Bureau of Reclamation  Record of Decision
Appendix D- Plant Communities
Appendix D- Plant Communities