1. Animals Caught on Tape

    As part of its ongoing commitment to preserve and protect the Los Vaqueros Watershed and the animals that live there, the Contra Costa Water District needs to know what animals make Los Vaqueros their home.

  2. John Muir Interpretive Center

    Located next to the dam, the center tells the history of the Los Vaqueros area, shows how the dam was built and describes the many animals that make the watershed their home.

  3. Los Vaqueros Project History

    Though Contra Costa County is bordered to the north by the Sacramento/San Joaquin Delta, the quality of that water has been a concern since the area was first settled in the 1870s.

  4. Trails

    Please take the time to go over a map of the Watershed's extensive trail system.

  5. Our Los Vaqueros App Keeps You Up To Date