Get a Rebate

  1. Multi-Family & Commercial Clothes Washer Rebate

    Provides a rebate of up to $450 to help Contra Costa Water District service area customers purchase qualified Energy Star Certified commercial clothes washers. Over the lifetime of just one washer, this can save more than 350,000 gallons of water and $5,500 in utility costs.

  2. Commercial Irrigation Equipment Rebates

    The District offers rebates on a select number of irrigation equipment on commercial, homeowner association and public agency sites. Improved equipment can reduce water waste and improve landscape appearance and health.

  3. Lawn to Garden Rebate

    Learn why people are replacing their lawns with water-saving gardens and how you can apply for this rebate.

  4. Residential Clothes Washer Rebates

    The residential High-Efficiency Washing Machine RebateProgram provides rebates of up to $150 to customers who purchase new qualifying high-efficiency clothes washers.

  5. Smart Sprinkler Timer Rebates

    For a limited time, the District is offering rebates on select smart sprinkler timers. Smart timers reduce water waste by adjusting the landscape watering schedule automatically based on changes in the weather.

  6. Water-Efficient Landscape Rebates

    Homeowners, commercial and municipal customers can earn rebates when they replace their lawns with water-efficient landscaping.