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Mulch, Mulch, Mulch!
Use our coupons to save money when you buy mulch. Each retailer has a different discount, so click on the coupons to see what helps you save the most money. The Mulch Coupon Program is brought to you by the Contra Costa Water District in partnership with the East Bay Municipal Utility District.

Benefits of Mulch

Mulch (PDF) reduces the amount of water that evaporates from your soil, which means you'll be able to water less.

A Bay-Friendly Guide to Mulch
A comprehensive and informative guide on using mulch in your landscape. Regional Marketplace Coupons

Coupons and mulch providers can be found under the Lawn to Garden Marketplace. Additionally, the main website provides comprehensive information on sheet mulching, including a materials calculator, a searchable mulch provider list, and how-to videos. 

Mulch Mulch Mulch and Save
Retailers and their Mulch Coupons


Flowerland Nursery
1330 Solano Ave.


Hillcrest Topsoil
917 Sunset Drive 

Morgan's Home & Garden
2555 E. 18th Street 

Bay Point

Stoneyard Masonry
805 Port Chicago Way

East Bay Nursery
2332 San Pablo Avenue

Westbrae Nursery
1272 Gilman Street


Brentwood Decorative Rock, Inc.
6745 Brentwood Blvd. 


Bill's Ace Hardware
4451 Clayton Road

Concord Garden Equipment
2451 Monument Blvd. 

Mt. Diablo Landscape Center
2445 Vista Del Monte

Sloat Garden Center
1555 Kirker Pass Rd

Sloat Garden Center/Topsoil
828 Diablo Road

Sloat Garden Center
800 Camino Ramon

Sloat Garden Center
828 Diablo Road

Tassajara Nursery
2550 Camino Tassajara

El Sobrante

Adachi Florist & Nursery
5166 Sobrante Ave. 

Mt. Diablo Nursery & Garden
3295 Mt. Diablo Blvd. 

Orchard Nursery & Florist
4010 Mt. Diablo  Blvd. 


Alden Lane Nursery
981 Alden Lane

Bill's Ace Hardware
3610 Pacheco Blvd. 

MacAlvey's Nursery
5733 Alhambra Ave.

Contra Costa Top Soil
5030 Imhoff Drive

Eco Mulch
5010 Pacheco Blvd. 

Sloat Garden Center
6740 Alhambra Ave. 


Moraga Garden Center
1400 Moraga Road 

Grand Lake ACE Garden Center
4001 Grand Ave.

McDonnell Nursery
196 Moraga Way 

Mt. Diablo Landscape Center 
2665 Pittsburg/Antioch Hwy.

Pleasant Hill

Bill's Ace Hardware
1530 Contra Costa Blvd. 

Sloat Garden Center
2895 Contra Costa Blvd. 


American Soil & Stone
2121 San Joaquin Street, Building A 

Acapulco Rock & Soil
3251 Jacuzzi Street

San Leandro
Evergreen Nursery
350 San Leando Blvd.