1. Commercial Water Use Survey

    Learn about how this survey can increase water efficiency and reduce costs.

  2. Landscape Water Use Survey

    This program assists owners and managers of large landscape areas.

  3. Free Water Conservation Devices

  4. Drought Resources for Businesses

  5. Lawn To Garden Rebate Program

    Lawn To Garden Rebate Program

  6. Commercial Clothes Washer Rebate

    The Contra Costa Water District provides a High-Efficiency Commercial Washing Machine Rebate Program for its commercial and multifamily customers.

  7. Smart Sprinkler Timer Rebate Program

    Learn how you can qualify for the Contra Costa Water District controller rebate.

  8. Irrigation Equipment Rebates

    The Large Landscape Rebate Program is designed to encourage customers with a cash incentive to upgrade selected irrigation equipment with new irrigation equipment.

  9. Get Mulch Coupons

  10. Get Car Wash Coupons

  11. All Commercial Rebates

    Find a complete list of all commercial rebates offered through the Contra Costa Water District.

  12. Watersmart Guidebook

    The Watersmart Guidebook is a valuable resource for saving water in commercial properties.

  13. Drought Survival Tips

  14. Gardening in Contra Costa County

  15. Commercial Water Conservation Online Resources